Champaign County, Illinois
Local Government Information Center

Administrative Services

Richard S. Snider
County Administrator

The Administrative Services Department coordinates and implements actions approved by the County Board.  This includes, but is not limited to: maintenance of all County Board files and lists of appointments; preparation of calendar and agenda for scheduled County Board meetings; recording and transcribing minutes at County Board committee meetings; scheduling hearings for public aid recipients; administration of health, liability, unemployment and worker's compensation insurance; preparation of the County's annual budget; and under the direction of the County Administrator serves as the Personnel Office for Champaign County.  In addition to these responsibilities, the Administrative Services Department consists of five divisions:  Data Processing, Micrographics, Physical Plant, Purchasing and Salary Administration.  The Data Processing and Micrographics Divisions assess current and future needs of County "user" departments and develop a systematic approach to records management, retention and information processing through technology of electronic and micrographic processing.   The Purchasing Division provides a stores inventory and assists in purchasing requirements for all County offices, when and where needed, at the least cost available and issues all purchase orders for the County.  The Salary Administration Division administers the Champaign County Salary Administration Program.  Physical Plant's primary responsibility is to maintain, repair and remodel all County buildings, caretaker of all landscaping/grounds, compiles specifications and prepares payment for all utility bills.  Administrative Services is also responsible for daily processing of presort outgoing mail.

Mission Statement

To provide professional management and administrative support to the Champaign County Board, and all Champaign County Offices, to ensure the implementation of Champaign County Board policies and programs.