Champaign County, Illinois
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Champaign County Board

Pattsi Petrie, Chair
James Quisenberry, Vice-Chair

2010 County Board and Committee Member Contact Information, Agendas, Action Reports & Minutes

The Champaign County Board has six  major committees/areas of responsibility. 

Facilities Committee
Environment & Land Use Committee
Highway & Transportation Committee

A single Committee of the Whole handles Justice & Social Services; Finance; and Policy, Personnel & Appointments. 

With the exception of Highway & Transportation all meetings are held in the Lyle Shields Meeting Room at the Brookens Administrative Center, 1776 E. Washington St., Urbana, IL; are broadcast on Comcast Cable TV Public Access; and are live-streamed at

Highway & Transportation Committee meetings are held at the Highway Facility Conference Room, 1605 E. Main St., Urbana, IL.

Select a Committee or Board from the list below for meeting information and then press the GO button:

Meeting agendas with attachments will be posted by 12:00 PM on the Friday of the week prior to the meeting.

Click here for County Board Member contact information.

If you need special accommodations please contact the County Board Office at (217) 384-3772.

2010 County Board
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Please note - Minutes are not posted until approved.
Action Reports
(from County Clerk's website)
Follow this link for audio & video from meetings
12/21/2010 Agenda
12/21/2010 Full Agenda
12/21/2010 Addendum
12/21/2010 Action  
12/6/2010 Organizational Agenda    
11/18/2010 Agenda
11/18/2010 Full Agenda
11/18/2010 Addendum
11/18/2010 Handouts
11/18/2010 Action 11/18/2010 Minutes
10/21/2010 Agenda
10/21/2010 Full Agenda
10/21/2010 Addendum
10/21/2010 Handouts
10/21/2010 Action 10/21/2010 Minutes
9/23/2010 Agenda
9/23/2010 Full Agenda
9/23/2010 Addendum
9/23/2010 Addendum II
9/23/2010 Action 9/23/2010 Minutes
8/19/2010 Agenda
8/19/2010 Full Agenda
8/19/2010 Addendum
8/19/2010 Handouts
8/19/2010 Action 8/19/2010 Minutes
7/22/2010 Agenda
7/22/2010 Full Agenda
7/22/2010 Addendum
7/22/2010 Handouts
7/22/2010 Action 7/22/2010 Minutes
6/24/2010 Agenda
6/24/2010 Full Agenda
6/24/2010 Addendum
6/24/2010 Handouts
6/24/2010 Action 6/24/2010 Minutes
5/20/2010 Agenda
5/20/2010 Full Agenda
5/20/2010 Addendum
5/20/2010 Handouts
5/20/2010 Action 5/20/2010 Minutes
4/22/2010 Agenda
4/22/2010 Full Agenda
4/22/2010 Action 4/22/2010 Minutes
3/18/2010 Agenda
3/18/2010 Full Agenda
3/18/2010 Addendum
3/18/2010 Handouts
3/18/2010 Action 3/18/2010 Minutes
2/18/2010 Agenda
2/18/2010 Full Agenda
2/18/2010 Addendum(1)
2/18/2010 Addendum(2)
2/18/2010 Action 2/18/2010 Minutes
1/21/2010 Agenda
1/21/2010 Full Agenda
1/21/2010 Addendum
1/21/2010 Handouts
1/21/2010 Action 1/21/2010 Minutes
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