Champaign County, Illinois
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Champaign County Board

Pattsi Petrie, Chair
James Quisenberry, Vice-Chair

The County Board Chair, with the advice and consent of the County Board makes appointments to certain governmental bodies.

The closing date for accepting applications is the third Friday of the month prior to the Committee of the Whole meeting of the month in which the appointment is to take place. 

For instance:  If the Committee of the Whole meeting is in June, then the deadline for applications would be the third Friday in May.

Please See Individual Press Release for Specific Date of Application Deadline

The County Board Chair reserves the right to change the application deadline, if deemed necessary.

Please return completed applications to:

Champaign County Administrative Services
Attn:  County Board Appointment Request
Brookens Administrative Center
1776 E. Washington St.
Urbana, IL 61802-4581
Follow this link for map and directions to Brookens

For further information regarding County Board Appointments please contact the County Board Office at (217) 384-3772 or by email at

Additional Information (click on the link for more information)
County Board Resolution No. 3438 "A Non-Binding Resolution for Determination of Political Affiliation"
Gender Balance Appointment Act

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Posted information includes Appointees, Terms of Office, Contact Information, Qualifications for Appointment, Statutory Reference and Application for Appointment.

Click here for currently vacant appointments.

Click here for appointments that expire in 2016.

(Some Drainage Districts elect Commissioners, please contact the Circuit Clerk to find out which Drainage Districts elect commissioners)


Term of Office: 3 Years

  1. Each appointee must be an adult resident of the State of Illinois.
  2. Each appointee must own land in the district, unless:
    1. The County Board finds it to be in the best interests of the district that the requirement be waived; or
    2. A majority of the adult landowners owning a majority of the area in the district have duly petitioned the County Board to allow such appointment.

An oath and a bond are required before each commissioner enters upon his or her duties.

STATUTORY REFERENCE: 70 ILCS 605/4-1 et seq.

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Follow this link for a listing of the current
Drainage Districts & Commissioners