Announcements regarding County Offices during COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic

County Office Buildings are all closed to the public. Most departments are staffed and are answering phones, receiving mail and receiving email.

In addition, many departments will meet with members of the public by appointment.

Departmental Contact Information can be found here: Department Contact Information. If you cannot reach a department please email and the IT Department will get your message to the relevant department.

Press Release Closing Brookens Administrative Center until April 7, 2020..

Sixth Judicial Circuit Administrative Order 2020-02 - Emergency Order COVID-19 effective March 24, 2020

Champaign County Coronavirus Response Webpage

Animal Control is continuing operations for responding to public calls and provision of impounded animal care.

Staff is practicing social distancing and doing extra cleaning/sanitizing of common areas.

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The Auditor's Office is closed to the public but has at least one staff member on duty during regular business hours.

Mail, email and phones are being monitored and answered.

Staff is practicing social distancing by staggering work days.

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The Board of Review is closed to the public but has access to phones, mail and email.

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Press Release Closing Brookens Administrative Center until April 7, 2020..

Jurors for the April 13, 2020, April 20, 2020, and April 27, 2020, trial terms have been set over and need not report.

Jury Commission scheduled for April 18, 2020, has been cancelled.

The Circuit Clerk's Office is closed to the public with the exception of Emergency Order of Protection filings.

Please use email to contact the office,

The public is encouraged to use online resources available on the Circuit Clerk's website at

Payments may not be made at the counter, but JANO has waived payment processing fees for online payments, and we are still processing payments made by mail. Checks are still being issued for bond refunds and disbursements. We will not send any cases to collections at this time, nor will we send failure to pay notices. We are working with the State's Attorney's office to move payment due dates out to May.

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Circuit Clerk encourages use of online services

The Champaign County Coroner's Office performs a vital public safety role by investigating the cause and manner of death for persons who die suddenly, unexpectedly, under suspicious circumstances, and/or from non-natural causes. Additionally, the coroner's office performs a vital role in investigating, monitoring and reporting deaths due to infectious/contagious diseases outside of healthcare settings.

Due to the fact the coroner's office is a small office with limited staff to perform these vital functions, I am taking steps to minimize potential exposure of my staff to persons who may have unknowingly contracted the COVID-19 virus or been in close contact with someone who may have contracted the COVID-19 virus.

The coroner's office will continue to handle calls for death reports and respond to deaths in the same manner we have done in the past and will continue to provide autopsy services to other counties and hospitals however, the coroner's office will be closed to the public effective 4:30PM on Friday, March 20, 2020 through Friday, May 1, 2020. Some staff may be working from home and others may be at the coroner's office on a limited/intermittent basis during this time.

Funeral directors and coroners who need assistance from our office with death certificates, cremation permits, scheduling autopsies, and dropping off/picking up decedents should contact our office by phone, prior to coming to the coroner's office, to speak with a staff member and arrange a time to meet at the coroner's office. We also ask that you limit the number of persons coming to the coroner's office to a maximum of 1-2 persons at a time. I will evaluate the status of the COVID- 19 pandemic on April 6, 2020 to make a determination if the coroner's office should stay closed to the public for a longer period.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and request your cooperation with our efforts to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on daily coroner operations. Please contact the coroner's office at 217-384-3888 with any questions you may have.

Go here for contact info Coroner's Office.

The Champaign County Clerk’s office is closed to the public on a walk-in basis until further notice. We have reduced staffing to process immediate needs/requests.

For Vital Records info/requests/orders please go to our website For Marriage/Civil Union Licenses, Notaries, and DBAs, please email or call 217-384-3720 to make an appointment.

For Property Tax info please go to our website For Property Tax requests/or to pay delinquent property taxes please e-mail or call 217-384-3722 to make an appointment.

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Press Release Closing Brookens Administrative Center until April 7, 2020..

The Champaign County Highway Department continues to provide services needed including road maintenance, fleet maintenance and engineering services, but remains closed to the public until further notice.

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The Physical Plant, maintenance and custodial functions, are essential operations of Champaign County. Our maintenance staff ensures daily that our HVAC systems and other building operations systems function properly and efficiently; and, that our custodial staff provide building interiors with the necessary cleaning to afford all County Staff and guests with the safest working and living environment possible. Balancing this necessary work with the safety of our Physical Plant Employees, beginning March 24, 2020, we will reduce our Physical Plant work force by 50% each day for the next two weeks. At the conclusion of today, all County buildings will have been cleaned, sanitized and stocked with paper towels and toilet paper. During this two-week period, County Buildings are closed to the general public and non-essential County employees have been asked to stay home to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Physical Plant plans to staff each campus with both maintenance and custodial support, which will allow each of our County buildings to receive adequate support. Our custodial staff will continue to clean for COVID19, using cleaning agents and our electro-static sprayers.

The office is closed to the public and all meetings have been cancelled.

Go here for contact info Planning and Zoning Department

The Champaign County Juvenile Detention Center remains fully operational. We have implemented a number of operational changes to protect the health and safety of our residents and staff. We review our operational procedures on a daily basis and will implement additional procedures when necessary.

The Probation Office remains closed to clients; however phones and emails are being monitored and answered.

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The Champaign County Recorder is open for recording but is closed for all other services.

Documents for recording may be submitted by mail or through a certified electronic recording service.

Documents may be dropped off between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm by coming to the southeast entrance of the Brookens Administrative Center and calling 217-384-3774. Someone will meet you at the outside door.

More information is available at

Effective Friday, March 20, 2020, all RPC sites have been closed to the public and we have fully implemented remote access for employees. As of this afternoon, the plan is to keep our sites closed to the public through April 7th. RPC staff providing essential services in community-based settings will continue service delivery as directed by supervisors. We have been in constant communication with our various funding sources to ensure that we following appropriate guidelines to continue providing services remotely.

To facilitate remote access for our employees and ensure continued delivery of services to our clients, the RPC has taken steps to make that access available to everyone.

Go here for contact info Champaign County Regional Planning Commission

The Sheriff's Office and Adult Detention Facilities are operating as usual, with reduced office staff.

Operational changes are being made to protect the health and safety of inmates and staff.

In person visitation and on site video visitation is not being allowed, but remote video visitation and inmate phone calls are still being allowed.

Go here for contact info Sheriff's Office and Adult Detention

Press Release regarding Suspension of Evictions.

The Office is closed to the public but mail, email and phones are being monitored and answered.

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Press Release regarding Treasurer's Office closing.

The Office is closed to the public but mail, email and phones are being monitored and answered.

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