Champaign County Nursing Home
Kim Colbrook, Administrator

Welcome to the Champaign County Nursing Home

Welcome to the Champaign County Nursing Home! We invite you to visit the Home, take a tour, and see why people in Champaign County choose us for rehabilitation, memory care, long-term care, and adult day care. Arranging a visit is as easy as contacting us via email at, calling the Social Services team at (217) 384-3784, or just stopping by.

We at Champaign County Nursing Home hope you find this site useful whether you are a current family/friend or a future friend/family. If you are unable to find your answers here please feel free to contact us at 217-384-3784 or by email at

Mission Statement

The Champaign County Nursing Home provides compassionate long-term, rehabilitative, and memory care services reflective of the community we serve, and in a manner respective of our 100 year history. Our Adult Day Care provides exceptional daily respite services for local caregivers and members of our community who prefer the safety and comfort of a day care center to staying at home. We give residents and clients something to look forward to each morning, and something to dream about each night.


Champaign County Nursing Home residents are enveloped in a community of friendship and respect supported by the following philosophies:


Each living area is designated as a Neighborhood where residents enjoy the creature comforts of our beautiful surroundings and the social benefits of living in a closely-knit community. Neighborhood direct care, housekeeping, and activity staff are consistently providing care within the same Neighborhood each day; developing a close relationship with each resident they serve. Neighborhood décor and resident rooms reflect the personalities as each resident adds a personal touch to their living area. By design, residents are served by the city workers and enjoy the company of their Neighbors.


The dining experience is designed to be a collection of friends and relatives enjoying the fruits of their labor and strengthening the bonds of their relationship. We embrace the connection between the dining experience and lifestyle satisfaction. As a result, residents enjoy restaurant-style dining at each meal, selecting from a menu and ordering each component of each meal to match their individual preferences. Wait staff work with residents to find the perfect combination of foods to optimize the dining experience. Scratch cooking is the rule rather than the exception.


Residents work with the entire care team to cater services to their personal preferences. The residents we serve have spent their entire lives of 60, 70, 80, 90+ years caring for their families and our community. We are ever mindful of those contributions and will mold our services to match virtually any lifestyle preference. When you select the Champaign County Nursing Home, you have chosen to be included in the rich history of this diverse community, linked forever to our 180,000 brothers and sisters that are our Neighbors.

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