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Champaign County Government

Champaign County operates under the Township Organization form of government (non Home-rule). The Champaign County Board consists of 22 elected officials who are elected from eleven county board districts. The County Board Chair (part-time position) is selected by the members of the County Board in each 2-year session of the Board - starting on December 1st of each even-numbered year. One county board member from each district is up for election in the November election of each even-numbered year, with the 2nd member up for election in the next even-numbered year.

The County Board serves as the policy-making and legislative body of county government and works together with the County's 8 county-wide elected officials: State's Attorney, Sheriff, Circuit Clerk, Coroner, Auditor, Treasurer, Recorder, and County Clerk. The county government provides a broad array of county-wide services including: criminal justice system services; county-wide real estate tax cycle system services; elections services; rural roads and transportation systems infrastructure; animal control services; mental health and developmental disability services; numerous planning, economic development and social services through the Regional Planning Commission; and operation of the county-owned nursing home. The County Board hires a County Administrator to assist the County Board in the day-to-day operations of county government, and as a liaison of the County Board to the County's elected and appointed officials.

Champaign County Vision, Mission & Values


Our vision is to be a recognized leader in local government where every official and employee has a personal devotion to excellence in public service and embraces the highest standards of ethics and integrity, to serve the citizens of Champaign County.


The Champaign County Board is committed to the citizens of Champaign County by providing services in a cost-effective and responsible manner; which services are required by state and federal mandates, and additional services as prioritized by the County Board in response to local and community priorities.


  • Diversity

  • Teamwork

  • Responsibility to the Public

  • Justice

  • Quality of Life

Community Background

Champaign County is located in the heart of East Central Illinois, approximately two hours south of Chicago, two hours west of Indianapolis and three hours northeast of St. Louis. Champaign County is home to the University of Illinois, Parkland College, and two major regional hospitals. Champaign County is a leader in education, health care, government, technology, light industry and agriculture. Champaign County is made up of 1,008 square miles - the majority of which is primarily farmland with nearly $300 million in agricultural production each year. The 2010 census estimates the Champaign County census at 201,081, placing Champaign County as the 10th largest county in the State of Illinois. The largest urban areas within the County are the City of Champaign (81,055), the City of Urbana (41,250) and the Village of Rantoul (13,674).

The Position

The County Board appoints the County Administrator, who serves at the pleasure of the Board. The County Administrator is responsible for the administration of all departments and functions which are under the jurisdiction of the Board. (See the Organization Chart.) The County Administrator supervises and administers all phases of the annual budget and capital plan implementation. The Administrator makes recommendations for hiring of appointed department heads and has full administrative authority over personnel in positions under the jurisdiction of the Board except as otherwise defined by State Law. Functions under the County Board include: Administrative Services, Public Properties, Information Technology, Purchasing, Human Resources, Animal Control Services and Planning and Zoning. The County Administrator also serves as the Board's representative to all departments, including those administered under elected officials and autonomous boards, for budget and labor matters. The Administrator represents the County to the news media and is the liaison with other units of government, community organizations and the public. The County currently has thirteen labor contracts with two unions.

The FY2016 Champaign County Budget is $125 million, and the General Fund is $35.8 million. The County employs approximately 1,000 employees with a staffing budget of 892.6 FTEs.

Minimum salary for the position is $125,000, with salary negotiable DOQ.


  • The County has recently completed a Facilities Condition Assessment of its twenty-five facilities. The Assessment reveals an annual gap in funding of approximately $5 million to meet the deferred maintenance backlog for the facilities. Identifying strategies for implementing an appropriate facilities maintenance program and how to fund that is an immediate challenge.
  • The County is currently conducting an assessment of its accounting systems technology and real estate tax cycle technology. The current technology was developed in-house with RPG programs over 40 years ago and is in need of replacement. A procurement project to replace these systems is expected to be developed in 2016 with the hope of initiating systems replacement in 2017.
  • A project to close the Downtown County Jail and replace and remodel the Satellite Jail has been developed through a Sheriff's Operations Master Plan and is pending further action until identification of funding can be determined. At the same time, the County Board has been challenged to identify and fund programs which provide alternatives to jail and focus on issues of racial disparity within the justice system.
  • As a non-home rule unit of government, the County is required to submit any requests for new funding (i.e. - property tax or sales tax increase) to the voters through referendum.

County Administrator Selection Criteria

The County is seeking highly professional candidates who are passionate about local government and administration. The following education, management and leadership criteria have been identified by Champaign County as important skills and abilities for the candidates to demonstrate. A commitment to being in Champaign County for at least five years is highly desired.

Education and Experience

  • A Bachelor's degree in public or business administration, finance or a related field with responsible public sector or private sector management experience. An advanced degree is desirable - particularly an MBA or MPA.
  • Five years of senior management experience is required. Prior experience as a Deputy or Assistant County Administrator or comparable municipal or other governmental experience in a comparably sized community is desired.
  • Experience in a community with both urban and rural aspects is a bonus.
  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of public administration is essential to this position.
  • High quality verbal and written communication skills are essential in this position.
  • Experience with consensus building, the ability to strategically plan and implement creative operation programs, and have a vision for the future.
  • Experience in developing positive, collaborative relationships with elected Board Members, department heads and Elected Officials, with the interpersonal skills necessary to skillfully move issues and agendas forward.
  • Strong analytical skills that can be applied to issues facing the County.
  • Knowledge of how technology can be effectively utilized.
  • Experience in intergovernmental affairs, working collaboratively with other units of government (local, state and federal) as well as universities, non-profits and the business community.
  • Well-developed finance and budgeting skills.
  • Experience in project coordination - experience in ERP or other technology systems implementation is a bonus.
  • Experience in assessing organizational needs with an ability to identify innovative solutions is ideal.
  • Experience in personnel management including negotiation of collective bargaining agreements.

Personal Traits and Management Style

  • Candidate must have strong interpersonal and communication skills to establish and maintain effective and productive working relationship with County Board Members, elected officials and department heads, employees, citizens and community organizations.
  • Candidate must have a background of complete integrity, honesty, and of leading/motivating personnel by example.
  • Candidate must be an anticipatory, proactive, creative, big picture visionary leader, identifying future trends, developing effective strategies for addressing these trends and getting results.
  • Candidate must possess an open management style demonstrated by having the ability to relate effectively with individuals at all levels of the organization and set clear expectations.
  • Candidate must have a strong commitment to the principles of team management.
  • Candidate must be an effective listener and excellent communicator.
  • Candidate must be a motivator who can develop strong staff and employee morale that results in high levels of productivity and accomplishment.
  • Candidate should be able to represent Champaign County in a positive manner to the public and other governmental units, viewing Champaign County as a partner with others.
  • Candidate must be an energetic, "can-do" person with a genuine enthusiasm for county administration and be willing to have a long-term commitment to the organization.
  • Candidate should possess a sense of humor.

Click here for the Champaign County Organizational Chart

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