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Champaign County Electricity Aggregation Program

In February 2016, Champaign County went out to bid with a group of 114 communities in order to procure a new contract for its Electric Aggregation Program. The new contract with Homefield Energy is a 36-month contract at a fixed rate of 5.907 cents per kWh. The contract provides 100% renewable or “green” energy and begins in June 2016.

  • Municipal electric aggregation allows local governments to create a large buying group of residential and small commercial retail electric accounts in order to seek bids to secure consistent pricing. 
  • Champaign County’s Aggregation Program was adopted by voters in 2012, and the 2016 bid was the county’s third time to seek bids for the program.
  •  The current 2-year contract with Homefield Energy expires in June 2016.
  •  The program is an Opt-Out aggregation program which means that residents of unincorporated Champaign County who are currently signed up for the program, or are current Ameren Illinois customers, will be automatically enrolled in the aggregation program unless they opt out of the program.
2016 Electric Aggregation Program
  •  Homefield Energy will send Opt-Out letters to eligible residents of unincorporated Champaign County in the spring and allow for a 21-day opt out period.
  •  The Opt-Out letters will include the new price, term length, Terms and Conditions, FAQs, opt out instructions and information about electricity supply options.
  •  Customers who do not opt out during the initial opt out period may choose to leave the program at any time without incurring a charge.
  •  Unlike previous contracts, the current contract does not include a “price match” which allows the community to cancel the contract if the utility price drops below the contract price; however, customers do have the option to go back to the utility by opting out of the aggregation program.
  •  Homefield Energy will send out informational letters to residents of unincorporated Champaign County who are currently served by third-party suppliers but are eligible to participate in the county’s aggregation program. The letter will provide information about the program and give instructions to residents who wish to opt in to the program; however, residents should be aware of the terms of their current contract and any charges they might incur by terminating their current contract.
Energy Supply Options

Customer can find out more about their options for electricity supply by visiting

Contact Information

For questions about electricity supply contact Homefield Energy 1-866-694-1262
For questions about electricity distribution contact Ameren Illinois 1-800-755-5000
For questions about the county’s aggregation program contact Good Energy 1-866-955-2677