Organization Name
Job Description

Job Title: Marketing Admissions Coordinator
Department: Nursing
Reports To: Director of Nursing Services
FLSA Status: Exempt
Prepared Date: March, 2003


Screens prospective residents on both the acute and community setting. Performs on-site clinical and financial assessments to determine appropriateness of admission. Works with residents/families on the front end of the admission process to ensure an efficient admission process.


The Marketing Admissions Coordinator reports to the Director of Nursing Services. Also reporting to this position are: the Assistant Director of Nursing Services, Restorative Care Coordinator, Care Plan Coordinator, 3 Shift Supervisors, 17 Registered Nurses, 13 Licensed Practical Nurses and 95 Nurse Assistants, 1 Medical Records Clerk and 1 Unit Clerk.

The Champaign County Nursing Home, owned by the County, is a 243-bed licensed facility providing skilled, intermediate, and shelter care to its residents as well as adult day care, respite services, and child care. The Nursing Home employs approximately 260 people and is entirely self-supporting.


The Marketing Admissions Coordinator is responsible for all public relations/special events, marketing and admissions screenings for the facility. Duties in each area include:

Public Relations/Special Events -

Designs and develops marketing and promotional materials for the facility. These shall include, but are not limited to: fliers, brochures, news releases, backgrounders, fact sheets, bios, newsletters and fundraising letters of solicitation.

Establishes relationships and maintains contact with reporters, advertising media representatives and primary and secondary resources in the health care field.

Establishes relationships and maintains contact with various clubs, organizations and Senior Citizen's groups.

Recommends and implements initiatives that manage the target audience's perception of the Nursing Home.

Coordinates special events for the facility and the community. Assists Department Heads and staff with the promotion and coordination of any events they may need assistance with.

Provides presentations, speeches and public appearances as needed.

Assists with inservices on a monthly basis.

Assists Therapy Recreational Specialist in recruiting volunteers, assisting with orientation of volunteers and promoting the Champaign County Nursing Home Volunteer Program.

Marketing -

Develops and coordinates the implementation of a marketing strategy for resident and facility services, census development and image enhancement (Strategic Marketing Plan).

Maintains data on census (inquiries, admissions, discharges and referral sources).

Maintains data on customer satisfaction.

Provides charts, graphs and data on marketing analysis and census development to the Administrator as needed.

Provides yearly and monthly Board reports.

Maintains a file of all news media coverage.

Attends monthly Quality Assurance meetings and provides a marketing report.

Is responsible for the advertising budget and what forms of media (radio, newspaper, television) are used to promote the facility.

Utilizes other marketing mediums (brand marketing, marketing materials, etc.) as needed when funding is available.

Develops a Marketing Team, which will meet on a monthly basis and develop ways to promote and market the facility. The Marketing Team will also assist as a back-up team for inquiries, tours and admissions when the Marketing Admissions Coordinator is not available or in the building.

Admissions -

Is responsible for all census development.

Acts as liaison between the facility and family members during the pre-admission and admission process. Upon admissions, refers family members to appropriate Department Head depending on specific need.

Handles all tours, admission screenings and initial inquiries.

Works with the Director of Nursing to ensure that all admissions are screened thoroughly and adequately prior to admission.

Works with the Social Services staff to ensure that all advanced directives have been discussed prior to admission so that appropriate paperwork can be in place upon admission.

Completes admission paperwork with the responsible party, family member, power of attorney or resident upon admission.

Ensures that the Admission packet is completed in a timely manner (within 24 hours of admission) and that all forms are presented in a neat and organized manner.

Provides any other services or duties as required by the Administrator.

The desired minimum requirements necessary to effectively perform position responsibilities include a 4-year degree in health-related field, preferably licensed as a LPN in the State of Illinois; three years of responsible nursing experience, preferably in a long-term care facility; excellent management skills or an acceptable equivalent combination of education and experience, and the ability to communicate in English both orally and in writing, to complete required Nursing Department documentation, and respect for the principles of resident rights, confidentiality, EEO and ADA.