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Volunteer Receptionist at Brookens Administrative Center

Please note:

Although generally not listed here, paid and unpaid internships are also occasionally available from various departments including the Children's Advocacy Center (217) 384-1266, Circuit Court (217) 384-3704, Regional Planning Commission (217) 328-3313, Probation & Court Services (217) 384-3753, Office of the State's Attorney (217) 384-3733, Office of the Public Defender (217) 384-3714, County Coroner (217) 384-3888 and the Office of the County Clerk (217) 384-3720.

Please contact the departments directly with questions regarding internships.

Unless otherwise specified, applicants should contact the Department posting the employment opportunity with specific questions regarding qualifications.

Follow this link for information about benefits available to County Employees.

Champaign County is an
Equal Opportunity Employer