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The Champaign County Employee Newsletter, Champaign County's Insider, was started in December, 2005.  The editorial team consists of Linda Lane, Debbie Heiser and Amanda Tucker  from Administrative Services; Kastie Pavlik from IT; Jennifer Dubson from the Circuit Court and Traci Harris from the Nursing Home.

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June, 2014
In this issue - Fair & Festival Guide, update on tornado recovery in and around Gifford, 2014 Graduates, Getting to know Joe Gordon, Coroner's Office activities, Courthouse Biggest Loser, Goodbye Kastie, all the regular features and much much more!
March, 2014
In this issue - Do you know how to prepare for severe weather? Ever see a snow donut? Do you know how to create and remember a strong password? Want to get healthier? Do you like crossword puzzles or word searches? We’ve got a doozy for you. All that and much more in this edition of the Insider. And as always, the hidden corn. Good luck finding it!
December, 2013
In this issue - New staff in Administrative Services and Physical Plant, Storms, Payroll Pen Points, Employee Recognition, Bookmark Winner, new K-9 team and so much more!!
September, 2013
In this issue - Berry's Belgians, Getting to know John Carleton, Relay for Life, What's Cookin', In the Wired, Insurance News, Viewfinder and tons more!!
September, 2013 Special Edition
In this issue - Our Furry Friends - CATSNAP, Three Wet Dogs, A & E, CU Humane Society, Wings of Wonder, U of I Vet School, SHARE and The Animals We Love
June, 2013
In this issue - Brookens Employee Appreciation Day; Insider staff & changes; Senior Information Program; Answers about slow email; charitable opportunities & upcoming fundraisers; getting to know Katie Blakeman; From the desk of Sheriff Dan Walsh; and much, much more!!
March, 2013
In this issue - Auditor's Report; Insider Contributor retiring; Outstanding Achievements at the Sheriff's Office; IT Welcomes a new programmer; new feature Babies, Puppies & Kittens; and much, much more!!
December, 2012
In this issue - Changing Board, News from HR, Payroll Pen-Points, Network News, Health Insurance News, and much, much more!!
September, 2012
In this issue - County Board Chair Report; Circuit Clerk to retire in November; Home Weatherization; Election Update; Fall Festivals; Network News and many other features!
June, 2012
In this issue - It's National Smile Month; Coal Mining in Champaign County; Search and Rescue Team information; Fairs, Festivals and things to do in Illinois; Biggest Loser contest and loads more information!
March, 2012
In this issue - Nursing Home loses a valuable volunteer, Primary Election information, Network News, Weight Watchers, Land Resource Management Plan and much, much more!
December, 2011
In this issue - Gift donations for local foster kids and the Sunshine Center, Adopt-a-Resident at the Nursing Home, Payroll Pen-Points, Recycling News plus more!
September, 2011
In this issue - Network News, New County Board Member, Health Insurance Open Enrollment, JDC Master Gardener Community Garden, Public Service Work and much, much more!
June, 2011
In this issue - County Board Report, County Clerk election update, Award-winning employees, Health Insurance News, Local Fairs & Festivals and much, much more!
March, 2011
In this issue - Emergency Response Guide, Network News, New County Clerk, Champions 4 Children Walk, Christmas at CCNH, Recycling News, 3rd Annual Illinois Marathon & more!
December, 2010
In this issue - Holiday Donations Needed, Payroll Pen-Points, New Insurance Benefit Year, New Building Project, Combined Charities 2010, New IT Employee for Additional Support, Recycling Site to Close, ACCESS Initiative, 2010 Holiday Safety, plus more!
September, 2010
In this issue - Lincoln Exhibit Committee announces upcoming traveling exhibits, 2010 Employee Recognition, JDC 10 Year Anniversary, Network News, Food Drive and Residential Electronics Collections, and much more!!
June, 2010
In this issue - Foot Race Reenactment, Biggest Loser, Network News, Nursing Home Benches, Nationwide Meeting Dates, Direct Deposit Expansion, Employees Credit Union News, Wellness Programs, 2010 Summer Events, Fairs, & Festivals, plus many more features!!
March, 2010
In this issue - Annual Credit Union Meeting, Resource for Benefit Questions, Internet Access, Employees Lend a Hand, Champions 4 Children Walk, Springtime Home Maintenance, Nationwide Retirement Solutions, BPC Paperless Incentive & lots more stuff.
December, 2009
In this issue - Employee Promotion, Volunteer, Payroll Pen-points, Tribute to Jamie Ralph who recently passed recently, Benefits, Outlook Mailbox Maintenance, Winter Safety Tips, Employees Credit Union, 2009 Employee Recognition, Coroner's Office Move & much more.
September, 2009
In this issue - Clock & Bell Tower, Lincoln Exhibits Dedication Celebration, Time Capsule, Open Enrollment, Employee Recognition, CCECU Corner, County Engineer Wins National Award, Behind the Scenes of Extreme Home Makeover, Patriot Day, County Administrator Retires, Supervisor of Grounds Retires, Get the Point!, State's Emergency Contact Database, Support Enforcement & Civil Divisions Move, plus much more!
June, 2009
In this issue - Silent Witness, Wellness Programs, Champaign County Credit Union, A Momentous Occasion, Shaggers Softball Team, 2009 Recycling Event, Ken Henry, County Budget Update, Email Tips, Managing Email and Employees Participate in IL Marathon.
March, 2009
In this issue - New Face in the IT Division, Meeting Room Dedication, Financial Reports, PC Security, Insurance Benefits on the website, Animal Control Featured Department and a tribute Correctional Officer Larry Klaus who passed away recently.
December, 2008
In this issue - Be Nice to Your Coworkers...and Email Server; Viewfinder Contest; 2008 Employee Recognition Event; Featured Department-Planning & Zoning; Payroll Pin-points; I.L.E.A.S.; & many more features!
September, 2008
In this issue - Grant awarded to Forest Preserve District; Computer Security; Viewfinder contest; Open Enrollment & Employee Recognition Event Information; Featured Department: Sheriff's Office & Corrections; Champaign County Goes to the Fair; Clock & Belltower Restoration update and much more!!
June, 2008
In this issue - Excellence Award; Time Capsule Ideas; New Faces; Viewfinder Contest Winner; Blue Kids; Featured Department: Collector/Treasurer; 2008 Countywide Recycling Event; Anti-Stigma Alliance; Fitness Classes coming to Brookens; Gardening Gossip & many more features!
March, 2008
In this issue - When to contact the Insurance Specialist; How to Get Along with Co-Workers; Reduce*Reuse*Recycle; County Highway Department; Healthy Living - Sun Protection; Gardening Gossip; Treasurer's Report; Adoptable Cats & more!
December , 2007
In this issue - Champaign County Celebrates 175 years; Time Capsule; Election Season; Featured Department: RPC; Smoke Free Illinois; Construction Update; and much more!
September, 2007
In this issue - Cultural Diversity; FAQ About IMRF; Construction Updates; Featured Department: Probation & Court Services; 2007 Combined Charities Campaign; Weatherization Program; plus many more features!
June, 2007
In this issue - Silent Witness; LIHEAP & IHWAP; Featured Department: EMA; Equal Employment; Cook's Corner; Portrait of a Public Servant; Favorite Memories; plus many more features!!
March, 2007
In this issue - USS Arizona; How does that work; Big.small.all update; save, save, save; Nursing Home move; plus many more features!!
December, 2006
In this issue - Slips, Trips & Falls; Note from the Insurance Specialist; Volunteerism; Cook's Corner; Salvation Army; Out n' About in Champaign County; plus lots more stuff!!
September, 2006
In this issue - Kronos Update; Domestic Partnership Policy; Voter Registration; Identity Theft Protection; New Highway Building Update; Employee Recognition Event - plus many more interesting stories & features!!
June, 2006
In this issue - Quarantined Email; Spay & Neuter Pets; Featured Employee; New Voting Equipment; Sheriff's Office Retirees; Cook's Corner; a Memorial Day Tribute - plus the usual exciting features!!
March, 2006
In this issue - Board Honors Retired Member; Newsletter Contest Winner; An Unforgettable Christmas; Featured Employee - Mary Cummings, RPC; Find the corn contest; Office Etiquette; Gardening Gossip; Cook's Corner; Fitness Center Discounts - along with the usual features!
December, 2005
First Issue - Newsletter naming contest; Christmas Teas; County on the Move; Volunteerism; and many more features!!
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