Champaign County, Illinois
Local Government Information Center

Department of Planning & Zoning

John Hall


The Department of Planning & Zoning receives and reviews applications for zoning use permit.  The Department issues zoning use permits and maintains permanent files.  The Department inspects construction and land use to ensure compliance with the County zoning ordinance, investigates alleged violations and issues zoning compliance certificates.  The Department also provides information, forms and assistance relative to specific problems, requests and changes.  The Department also provides assistance and information at zoning meetings.  In addition, the Department administers the Champaign County Flood Hazards Development Regulations, comments on new subdivisions and performs other duties as assigned by the Environment & Land Use Committee and the County Board.

Mission Statement

To enable the County Board to formulate and prioritize clear and effective policies, plans and programs related to land use and development; to implement the County Board's policies and programs fully, effectively and efficiently; and to provide the highest level of service to the public and maintain the highest professional standards possible within the limits of available resources.