Champaign County, Illinois
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Office of the Public Defender

Randall Rosenbaum
Public Defender

The Public Defender represents people charged with serious crimes in Champaign County as appointed by the Court.  The Court appoints the Public Defender for persons who cannot afford to hire an attorney and only in cases in which a jail sentence is applicable.  The types of crimes involved range from serious traffic offenses and other misdemeanors to murder and other felonies.  The Public Defenderís duties include attending line-ups, arguing preliminary motions in court, conducting criminal investigations, interviewing witnesses and clients, preparing cases for trial, negotiating plea arguments, trying cases in front of juries and judges and arguing post-trial motions.  The Public Defender occasionally represents defendants in appeals and post-conviction petitions.  The Public Defender performs similar functions by Court appointment in certain non-criminal cases and mental health commitment hearings.

Mission Statement

To effectively represent indigent persons in criminal, mental health, juvenile and abuse/neglect cases in Champaign County.