Champaign County Sheriff's Office, Courthouse & Correctional Center

Sheriff's Office

Dan Walsh, Sheriff
Allen Jones, Chief Deputy Sheriff

Mission Statements

Law Enforcement Division Mission Statement

To provide full police service to the public by upholding the Constitution of the United States and the State of Illinois; by effectively and indiscriminately enforcing the law; by rendering assistance to the public whenever and wherever necessary; by cooperating with other law enforcement agencies in the reduction of unlawful activity; by furnishing assistance and information within Office guidelines to other governmental and civic bodies; and, within limits of available resources, by responding to all requests for police service within Champaign County in the most professional manner.

Corrections Division Mission Statement

To provide a county jail that is safe and secure for staff and inmates that meets or exceeds all constitutional requirements and Illinois Jail Standards which also provides opportunities for inmates to improve themselves and deal with personal issues.