Champaign County Sheriff's Office, Courthouse & Correctional Center

Sheriff's Office

Dan Walsh, Sheriff
Allen Jones, Chief Deputy Sheriff

The Champaign County Sheriff’s Office has three separate uniformed and sworn divisions each of which have different primary job duties, including Law Enforcement, Court Security and Corrections.

The Law Enforcement Division consists of 54 persons (which includes the Sheriff and Chief Deputy who both have responsibilities other than Law Enforcement such as the 2 jails and Courthouse). They patrol and answer calls throughout the County which is about 1,050 square miles (the 4th largest County in the State). We are the primary police agency for approximately 50,000 people.

In 2011 there were approximately 32,000 calls for service in the County, which resulted in 4,143 reports or investigations being created including 3 homicides, 16 criminal sexual assaults, 23 criminal sexual abuses, 6 robberies and 210 burglaries.

In 2011 the division wrote 3,496 traffic citations, gave 2,545 written warnings, and investigated 570 traffic crashes, including 5 fatalities.

The division is also responsible for service of civil process and in the 2011 calendar year served 8,597 papers of various types (subpoena, summons, court orders, etc.) with unsuccessfully attempting to serve another 1,619 papers.

The Court Security Division includes 13 sworn officers. They handle prisoners, tend to juries, and provide individual courtroom security for 11 courtrooms.

They provide security at the front entrance as well as to the entire building. One officer has an explosive detection K-9 (Gunner) working at all times. Court Security Officers also assist the other divisions with prisoner and mental health transports when manpower shortages exist and likewise other divisions assist Court Security when they are short. Court Security Officers have been called upon to handle special details at or around the courthouse such as the Urbana Sweet Corn Festival and Law School Trial Competitions.

The Corrections Division consists of 2 jails and 56 officers and 11 supervisors, including the Captain. They book-in (intake at the Satellite Jail) between 600 and 700 prisoners each month (2011). Between 20-25 prisoners are taken to court each business day, on average 4 medical/mental health transports per week are completed. Corrections Officers provide security for in-custody inmates during trials, transport 5-25 prisoners per week to the Illinois Department of Corrections which usually requires 2 trips (1 for males and 1 for females). Additionally, the Correction’s Division does all of the in-house work for the home confinement (CHIPs) prisoners which now average about 15 clients per day.

The Corrections Division operates with 6 full-time and 6-part-time Master Control Operators (individuals who run the electronics at the jails) and 1 civilian visitation/mail clerk. The Division uses outside contractors for medical care for prisoners (1 full-time registered nurse, 3 part-time and 1 full-time LPNs, and 1 part-time doctor) and mental health care (1 full-time and 2 part-time counselors and 1 part-time psychiatrist) and has an outside food vendor who also uses our trustees.