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Champaign County Treasurer

Daniel J. Welch

Mobile Home Tax

** The 2016 Mobile Home tax bills were mailed March 2, 2016. The Due Date is May 2, 2016.  A May 2, 2016 postmark will be considered "on time."  Late charges will begin on May 3, 2016.

The County Collector sends out 3,400 mobile home tax bills and collects $285,000.00. Mobile Home taxes are based on the age and square footage of the home. 

Mobile Home tax bills are mailed in March and represent a taxing period of January 1 through December 31 for the year in which they are billed. The bills are due in May (at least 60 days after they are mailed).  

By law, interest of $25.00 per month (not to exceed $100.00) is assessed after the due date.  

Mobile Home delinquent taxes are subject to the same annual tax sale procedures as Real Estate delinquent taxes which include the sending of delinquent notices and the publication of names.  Failure to pay Mobile Home taxes can result in the eventual loss of the mobile home. 

Before buying a mobile home, please call the Champaign County Treasurer's office at 217-384-3743 to be sure the taxes are paid to date. To obtain a clear title to the mobile home, you will need to file a Mobile Home Certification with the Secretary of State. The Certification states that all taxes are paid in full. You can obtain the Certification at the Treasurer's office.