Champaign County Treasurer
Daniel J. Welch

Property Tax Lookup

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The Champaign County GIS Consortium offers enhanced search capabilities at this site including lookup by common post office address, PIN, and street intersection.

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(enter PIN and press Submit Query button - *** No Dashes in Number ***)

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Examples for entering Property Location:

  • Rural Address 125 County Road 250 N would be entered as 125 in the house number field and 250N (no space) in the street field.
  • City Street Addresses do not use street direction: 600 North Coler Avenue would be entered as 600 in the house number field and Coler Av (no direction no punctuation) in the Street Field
Common street suffix abbreviations include:
  • Av (Avenue)
  • Cir (Circle)
  • Ct (Court)
  • Dr (Drive)
  • Ln (Lane)
  • Pl (Place)
  • Pt (Point)
  • Rd (Road)
  • Sq (Square)
  • St (Street)