Champaign County Auditor
George P. Danos


Champaign County Auditor George Danos
By law, the Auditor is the County's accountant, responsible for designing and maintaining an accounting system in keeping with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. The Auditor audits all claims against the County and pays all valid claims via accounts payable. The Auditor recommends to the County Board the payment or rejection of all claims. The Auditor maintains a continuous internal audit of the revenues, expenditures and financial records of all County offices, a file of all contracts, and an inventory of all property. The Auditor audits for compliance with state and federal laws and with County policies. The Auditor also performs economy and efficiency audits. The Auditor is elected by the voters and functions as an independent watchdog for taxpayers.

Mission Statement

To fulfill the statutory duties of the Office of County Auditor, including providing a continuous internal audit of Champaign County's financial transactions. As the County's accountant, to maintain the centralized accounting system generating weekly, monthly, and comprehensive accounting reports for all County funds. To administer the payment of County bills and fixed assets records.