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The Champaign County Sheriff’s Office provides primary law enforcement service for approximately 50,000 residents in the unincorporated areas of Champaign County and assists municipalities who have their own law enforcement agencies. Champaign County is the fifth largest county in Illinois by area (approximately 1,050 square miles) and the tenth largest in Illinois by population (approximately 210,000 residents). The Sheriff’s office is also responsible for oversight of two correctional facilities, providing court security at the Champaign County Courthouse, and overseeing emergency management within the county.

The Law Enforcement Division

Law Enforcement Division

The Law Enforcement Division consists of 56 persons (including the Sheriff and Chief Deputy). The Law Enforcement Captain provides leadership to three Lieutenants, who in turn provide leadership to deputies in the following areas: patrol deputies (31), patrol Sergeants (8), Investigators (5), patrol K-9 handlers (3), civil process service deputies (2) and school resource officers (2). There are also several support-staff positions in the Law Enforcement Division, including records clerks and a crime analyst.

In 2022 there were approximately 14,509 calls for service in the County, deputies made 560 custodial arrests and issued 893 Notices to Appear (NTAs).

Champaign County Law Enforcement Division In 2022 the division wrote 1,859 traffic citations, gave 1,593 written warnings, and investigated 505 traffic crashes, including 6 fatalities.

The division is also responsible for service of civil process, and in the 2022 calendar year served 4,627 papers of various types (subpoena, summons, court orders, etc.).

The Court Security Division

Champaign County Court Security Division By Illinois law, the Sheriff is required to provide security to the Courthouse and be present in every court proceeding conducted within. This is accomplished through the assistance of the Court Security Division. This division includes 1 court security Sergeant and 12 court security officers, all of whom are sworn officers. Court Security Officers provide security at the front entrance of the Courthouse, as well as the entire building, handle prisoners, tend to juries, and provide individual courtroom security for 11 courtrooms.

The Corrections Division

The Corrections Captain/Jail Superintendent provides leadership to three Lieutenants, who in turn provide leadership to 50 corrections officers and 8 corrections Sergeants. There are 6 full-time and 6 part-time Master Controllers who help in maintaining security and communications in the Correctional Center. There are 3 support staff to assist in clerical duties and coordinating inmate programs. Outside contractors provide meal preparation, medical and mental health services.

Champaign County Corrections Division

There were 4,168 jail intakes in 2022. The average daily population of the jail in 2022 was 320, with 273 not sentenced and 47 serving a sentence. The average number of days in custody for an inmate who had not yet been sentenced was 29 days, and 25 days for a sentenced inmate

The corrections division also oversees Electronic Home Detention (EHD) for qualifying, sentenced inmates. The average number of EHD clients per month in 2022 was 15, serving an average sentence of 34 days.

Emergency Management Agency

In Champaign County, the Emergency Management Agency (EMA) also falls under the Sheriff’s office. EMA consists of a Director and Deputy Director and is charged with emergency management and planning throughout the county. EMA works closely with other municipalities in Champaign County to ensure proper preparedness for any emergencies that might arise.

Champaign County Emergency Management Agency Champaign County Emergency Management Agency