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Judicial Assignments
(as of July 1, 2020 County Administrative Order 2020-08)
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Those judges coordinating an area of responsibility are indicated with an asterisk

Criminal Division

  • Judge Webber (Courtroom A)
    Felony Trials

  • Judge Rosenbaum (Courtroom B)
    *Court Administration
    *Felony Trials
    *Drug Court

  • Judge Lee (Courtroom E)
    Abuse & Neglect
    Ordinance Viol. (All but Urb/Cnty)

  • Judge Dill (Courtroom K)
    *Arraignment Court
    *Ordinance Violations (Urbana/County)
    *Abuse and Neglect

  • Judge Benjamin (Courtroom J)
    *Admin. Review
    Family Law
    OP's (M)

Civil Division

  • Judge Olmstead (Courtroom D)
    *Small Claims
    *Law Jury - Under $50,000
    *Eminent Domain

  • Judge Limentato (Courtroom H)
    *Family Law
    Support Enforcement
    *Orders of Protection (F)
    Miscellaneous Remedies

  • Judge Bohm (Courtroom C)
    *Law Jury - Over $50,000

  • Judge Sullivan (Courtroom G)
    *Support Enforcement
    Family Law

  • Judge Dyer (Courtroom F)
    *Miscellaneous Remedies
    Law Jury - Over $50,000

Traffic Division

  • Judge Holliman (Courtroom L)
    *Traffic Court Administration
    Miscellaneous Remedies - Forfeitures

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Judie Roberts, Court Reporting Services Supervisor

If you wish to order a transcript, you must submit a request to the Court Reporting Supervisor through the email link below. Please provide the case name, number, and date of hearing, plus your contact information. The Court Reporting Supervisor will respond to your request.

The cost of a transcript is $4.00 per page.