Champaign County Board

Samantha Carter, Chair
Jennifer Locke, Vice-Chair


Under the County Executive form of government the elected Executive is responsible for making appointments to most boards and commissions. Information about appointments made by the County Executive can be found at ../CountyExecutive/Appointments.php

The County Board Chair, with the advice and consent of the County Board makes appointments to the Public Aid Appeals Committee.

The closing date for accepting applications is the third Friday of the month prior to the Committee of the Whole meeting of the month in which the appointment is to take place.

For instance: If the Committee of the Whole meeting is in June, then the deadline for applications would be the third Friday in May.

Please See Individual Press Release for Specific Date of Application Deadline

Click here for Appointments Press Releases

The County Board Chair reserves the right to change the application deadline, if deemed necessary.

Please return completed applications to:

Champaign County Administrative Services
Attn: County Board Appointment Request
Brookens Administrative Center
1776 E. Washington St.
Urbana, IL 61802-4581
Follow this link for map and directions to Brookens

For further information regarding Public Aid Appeals Committee Appointments please contact the County Board Office at (217) 384-3772 or by email at

Posted information includes Appointees, Terms of Office, Contact Information, Qualifications for Appointment, Statutory Reference and Application for Appointment.

Additional Information

All appointments to boards, commissions, committees and councils of the State created by the laws of this State and after the effective date of this Act shall be gender balanced to the extent possible and to the extent that appointees are qualified to serve on those boards, commissions, committees and councils. If gender balance is not possible, then appointments shall provide for significant representation of both sexes to boards, commissions, committees and councils governed by this Act and Section 5 510 of the Departments of State Government Law (20 ILCS 5/5 510). If there are multiple appointing authorities for a board, commission, committee, or council, they shall each strive to achieve gender balance in their appointments.

Appointments made in accordance with this Act should be made in a manner that makes a good faith attempt to seek gender balance based on the numbers of each gender belonging to the group from which appointments are made.

The Statutory Reference for the Gender Balanced Appointments Act is 5 ILCS 310/


Term of Office: 2 Years


  • The Chair of the County Board is a member.
  • Four additional members and one or more alternates are appointed by the County Board Chair who must be Township Supervisors of General Assistance with the advice and consent of the County Board.
  • Not more than three of the five members shall be members of the same political party, unless the political composition of the Supervisors of General Assistance precludes such a limitation.
  • At least one member of the committee shall be a person knowledgeable in the area of General Assistance and the regulations of the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services.


One or more alternate members shall be appointed who must also be Supervisors of General Assistance.


Follow this link for an application.

Public Aid Appeals Committee Members